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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I won, Here's proof.

In a trolling attempt... where i got trolled back. we were discussing who lost the game first.

Here's the proof:

Close encounters of Old Gregg


I do believe I have found a new home!

Bad Trollmance

Meet Dustin troll troll. click to enlarge (Image).

Troll lol o lol lol lol I want your troll!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Pandora's Balls

Whats going on: I was threatened by a college "mate" that my balls were gonna get ripped off, this disturbing news which would shake the boundaries of ones never-regions, the new that would make someone cringe like they had seen this: http://tinyurl.com/lyyuvy


Anyway now you know what i mean by "cringe" i'll continue...

instead of purchasing myself a chastity belt, I laughed and concocted the following plan.

some would say i was determined:

I wrote on the box a few phrases that stated that my balls were already in there, and inside the box there was a note. 

                                                                         James' Balls

                                                                             This way up

                                                                     Handle with care (I'm serious ¬.¬)
                                                                    Insert balls here
                                                          The note

If you want to read the note, just click on the image.  

Thought I'd add the proof of why i expect my balls to be ripped off. Again click to view. 

The answer to the guess was PIKACHU! 

I gave him the box, and despite the threats i got on my bus with no physical harm or worries... except the worry that I got on bus 3... my bus is number 2. Which is hilarious! 

Anyway that's all I have for now, I will add his replies when I receive them... if* I receive them.

The moral of this story is: Always wash your balls, you never know who will reach out for them

UPDATE: So far the first reply i have got (not from spiders) is: 

"never ever even consider buying a chasity belt if i have to i will chew it of with my bare teeth" 


"Up too you James, infact your right James I am all talk, but one day, I'm gonna snap at someone and its going to be a fucking bloodbath, but until then, I may just continue removing peoples balls and putting them in box's" 

Thursday, 10 February 2011

A nice talk to a fellow James

Hello, My name is James (not Norbert), "JAM" is the first 3 letters for James, and I am too lazy to type the extra too letters "e" and "s".

Anyway the point it (Aside from the irony of just writing out "e" and "s") I look out for my friends.
One of my friends was having "women's troubles" yep, my friend Jack was on his period. He was also falling out with a girl he liked, it was "i love her" this "her new BF's sending me death threats that" he found it as ironic as i did. So the willing young chap i appear to be, i went annoyed Jack's Ex's new BF (called James).

Needless to say he blocked me, so i went on to my Facebook acc that i made for my dog (Tilly) and Rick Rolled him.

The aftermath was more death threats and instead of wanting Jack dead, they also wanted me dead, isn't it fun to share the love?

Pikachu beats Mormon

To be fair it was a Level 3 Mormon